03 October 2012

effusive effervescence

except one thing*
about today
makes up for the longest yesterday and Monday ever.
I woke up this morning not surprised that it was Wednesday, but surprised that it wasn't NEXT Wednesday.

But today the creek water was surreptitiously restored before I could tell who did it.
 We ate popcorn on the porch in the wind with our line of bodyguard trucks. (This happened today.)
 And Calvin was on the Atkins diet for dinner or something. 
But that's ok with me, and plus he was really good, funny, sweet, obedient and happy today, which is a 180 degree turnaround from yesterday.

*One Thing: Someone's not home from work yet. You know who you are.


B said...

I sometimes want to drop everything and move up by you.

This week has not been my favorite either but I am glad yesterday things were looking up

julis said...

I recognize the line of protector trucks. Andy used to do that, too.

melissa said...

bitty you would make my life if you moved here.