05 October 2012

i knew that you could do it and indeed you did

He chose his own means of birthday celebration. The highlights included wearing his Happy Birthday Shirt (and his Happy Birthday Pants, too, but those were just a trick), helping make cupcakes and frosting, three Happy Birthday time-outs for really shocking behavior, picking apples and a couple of Happy Birthday Bikerides.


julis said...

I love the happy birthday shirt! Great jorb, mom. and of course, the birthday boy is pretty awesome, too. 3 birthday time outs? that's got to be some kind of record.

bearydiane said...

So cute! Looks like a fun day (except for the timeouts!). I love his "2" shirt!! Tim used to love it when I bought him a shirt with his age on it!! (a red shirt with a black 5 is what I remember most!)

B said...

I feel like I used to get lots of birthday time outs too. Birthdays can be so emotional. Also, I plan to copy you with that awesome shirt someday.