29 October 2012

if you're looking for a book to read, i recently read some and i'm willing to tell you what they're like in one sentence or more


Bossypants - Pretty much just like talking to Liz Lemon for a couple of hours, as I'm sure you know because you read it last year.
Second Nature: A Gardner's Education - Pretty much just like talking to a college professor about gardens for a couple of hours. Also, Google told me that the genre of this one is "Speculative Fiction," which seems a little unfair (nonfiction).
Notes From a Small Island - Pretty much like talking to someone who doesn't care a lot about museums or historical sites and doesn't like driving or doing fun things on trips or hanging out with people or talking to locals---about one of your favorite places on earth. I realized that I really would rather not travel with Bill Bryson if he's just going to complain about train schedules all the time.
From the Ground Up - Another nice chat with a well-educated person about gardens, but this time in a California climate that in no way resembles your own.
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn fail - Somehow it got way more depressing since last time I read it and I only made it through Johnny's death before I just quit and imagined it instead.
An Object of Beauty fail - Steve Martin wrote this, it's about art and there are several reproductions of paintings which I happen to love in a novel, but other than that I've forgotten its good points on account of the main character being a total mean girl/manipulator. I only made it about 50 pages before I skipped to the end and found that the narrator ended up with the main character's archenemy and I didn't care at all.
In Our Time - A Hemingway short story collection. One of my favorites, even though it's a little incoherent and sad. I especially like Big Two-Hearted River, part 2. Which is an absurdly detailed account of a guy climbing a mountain and eating dinner.

Unfortunately the tally shows
Fiction = Fail, mostly
Nonfiction = Win, mostly
Speculative Fiction = Miscategorized, but win

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