25 October 2012

it's cozy, it's favorite

If anyone ever asks me what surprises me most about having a child (but why would they) I would say the funniness. HE IS REALLY FUNNY, like all the time. Somehow I totally missed that facet with everyone else's kids. To each their own, I'm sure. I love that he says things are favorite, that things are awesome (which in case you haven't noticed is a normal thing to say except that in his tiny voice it's much hilariouser); I even love that he says he's not ready yet to do something he doesn't want to do--or better yet that he's too tired.

NO, no, I'n too tiiiired to go change you! 

Not that funny to you? Oh well.

This week has been so cozy. Snow on Tuesday--I was so cozy about it I didn't get dressed and I didn't even feel frumpy about it. Snow on Wednesday and when the sun came out we raked tons more leaves, and snow today and we didn't even go outside. Which is probably unprecedented.
Nate claims there was a time when I disputed the non-pants status of leggings. I don't see why I do that.


Abby said...

I think you missed the funniness factor because you didn't have nieces and nephews until after your own.

I like having Myka, Seren, and Adam around because they think my kids' antics are way funnier than I do. They remind me to laugh...(Cause sometimes the "I'm too tired"s and the "not ready yet"s x4 aren't so funny!

melissa said...

ha! yes, abby, i can imagine that it's waaay less funny x4. in fact, it's really only funny divided by four as it is.