22 October 2012

they say that he's charming

The barn. Or maybe Le barn.
Potentially charming. But also full of junk, old hay and probably hantavirus.
 We basically pretend it doesn't exist, except for as an exhibit for tourists and for stacking wood against.
We definitely ignore the back room:
Saturday: Taking responsibility one step at a time.
Step one of responsibility: get rid of all of the rusty or nonrusty metal loitering about (aka tetanus hazards).
Except that it's still sitting in Nate's truck since the metal recycling place was closed by the time we got it loaded. But step one of step one was certainly a success.

The next step is ???, which is scheduled for ???.


Stephanie said...

Way to get that step one done! I hear that's the hardest one... well starting not so much tetanus removing, but that could be true too!

B said...

way to go. I want to be one of those tourists.

julis said...

boots. boots. yay for boots. (and yay for reducing chances at tetanus)