10 October 2012

tugging at my heart, making me feel nostalgic and sentimental

Grandma Stricklan's handwriting on her old photos.

The part in a book that describes the social clubs a mining town in Northern England supported for the first half of this I mean the last century before they all disintegrated and were replaced by TV. Billiards, reading, sports, music, painting--all after a short day of mining coal.

Wearing Grammy's cheetah skirt from her high school/college days.

Stupid Instagram feeds of the English countryside.

Downton Abbey, Foyle's War, Maisie Dobbs, Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew.

Making and delivering apple butter.

L. Tom Perry being 90 years old.

Sheena's mountain pictures.

In one of my favorite classes at BYU, we read a photocopied essay written after the industrial revolution that outlined the problems with all this sudden progress. It suggested a return to a simpler, agrarian way of life, one more connected to the land and to our community. Obviously, we smart students were supposed to see the intellectual holes in the argument. Obviously we weren't supposed to agree with it. Obviously I was pretty quiet in class that day.

Obviously, I'm glad I live now and here when hard times are about seventy three times easier than most easy times have ever been. But there is something, even if it's partially fictional, from back then that I need/want/think about/get sentimental about a lot.


Stephanie said...

I really cherish all this about you, I do. I see exactly what you are saying and I think it's all alive and well in you and that is why you are a true, pure soul and all who have seen that feels bonded to it. How could we not?

B said...

Oh how I agree with you. I know that there are loads of wonderful tings about this time we live in. I know we are lucky to live when we do. I know all of that but I do often long for the past. I especially wish that about social media. I know I am saying that as I comment on a blog, and I do love blogging and staying in touch with friends and family easily. But, I also don't love a lot of things about it. I much prefer the postcard you sent me a few weeks ago to any facebook updates I could read.

B said...

P.S. am I the only person not on instagram? Part of me wants to do it... why wouldn't I. but another part of me really doesn't want to add another network that I need to be following and posting stuff... should I do it, is it worth it?

Nate said...

Haven't you guys seen 'Midnight in Paris?!' What if you get time warped to days gone by?!

B said...

I loved that movie.

melissa said...

i did too.