08 October 2012

two weeks ago, last week, this week

Last Saturday we hiked our annual Mack's Meadow hike. Maybe it's actually our Max's Meadow hike; we'll never know. I jogged to the top of the canyon where Nate and Calvin picked me up and we drove up another canyon to get there, and I realize now that I never blogged about it because Nate's holding the pictures captive on his android. Calvin hiked up on his feets, we ate some dried cranberries on the swing at the top, loved being there, then came down and drove home.

But two weeks ago, Nate said we had to go to Oneida QUICK because he was just there for scout camp and the trees were perfectly autumning and if we didn't go then we'd miss it maybe. So we went and I already told you that, but it was the perfect outing, even though Calvin was way more interested in the sticks on the ground than the mysteriously vague "FOR SALE" sign at the bottom of a dirt road. It got us dreaming about a weekend getaway mountain/lake cabin.

and we saw a bald eagle.

I really need to do some gentle exercise now, so excuse me while I go yoga and we'll be right back after this break with the tale of a trail half marathon and a house full of awesome family for Calvin's 2nd 2nd birthday party and anything else I can think of.

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