13 November 2012

for about 45 minutes

It's been a while, they said, since we jogged together with the stroller. The tiny one had put off sleep and the big one had put off running, so now seemed good.

He really shouldn't be sleeping at 4:30, she thought.
Gosh, I live in a nice place, she thought.

That was pretty funny when he put a blanket over his own head when he wanted a tent and I was busy, she thought. It was also funny when he destroyed the pumpkin bread with a swift chubby scoop when I wasn't looking for about 8 milliseconds.

Hmm, I wonder if people in Candada and France and other places with universal healthcare get all upset about their government being communists, she thought.

Every time she close her eyes! (Imagined in a tiny two-year-old voice.)

I hope that lasagna I invented isn't a failure. I've been off my game lately.

It really is pretty here.

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B said...

I can imagine the song perfectly.