28 November 2012


1. One of my least favorite musicals of all time.
2. The really depressing setting of the beginning of Grapes of Wrath, which I'm in the middle of reading.
3. The place where my grandpa reported his father's death in 1931, according to the death certificate I was just looking at. (But they also lived in Kansas.)
 George died (of cancer) just before the ol' Dust Bowl began, and before small farms ceased operating with horses, but not before they started incorporating tractors. He was also apparently a carpenter. (Thank you, public records, for that information.)
 Reading that book has me terrified that everyone who lived then and there had terrible lives, full of hardships they didn't deserve and zero happiness, no matter what, ever. (Thank you, great American literature, for that impression.)
Now which one of those dudes is he? My vote is the haystack man and the kid on the ladder is my grandpa, although the guy by the horses is also good bet.


Stephanie said...

Some very valid points in here, but mostly it just makes me all excited to do some family history!

B said...

yep I should be doing this too. Family history, that is; not reading Grapes of Wrath. yuck to Steinbeck. Sorry I know people love him but I am not one of those people.

But I like you and this post and I like the look of George. He seems like a very nice ancestor.

julis said...

Also, the state your mother was born in.