15 November 2012

the labels say it all

Already home, 
but while we were out, I jogged past lots of cows and a couple of horses.
My dad came home from work for lunch so I could go for a jog. He's nice.
I always feel a little silly running at my parents' house.
1. Because it's always cold as an iceberg in Rexburg.
2. Because I run past a lot of cows and horses and farmers in pickup trucks and I feel like their one-finger wave is really just saying, "If you'd do some real work you wouldn't have to do that jogging nonsense for exercise. You look ridiculous."
Instead of staying on while my parents went out of town too, we left after 24 hours. On the way home I made Calvin get some exercise (because he hadn't done a lick of work) at the Red Rock Pass Lake Bonneville Special Geographical Site Of Interest For People Who Care Or Just Want to Get Out Of The Car North Of Preston.
Should we do it again? said Calvin.
And Teddy.
Nah, I said, Let's just go home and have scrambled eggs and brussels sprouts for dinner.


Catherine said...

we also went running the last time we were in Rexburg too, and we also always think about stopping at that historical site. is it worth it? should we do it sometime?

julis said...

I was with you right up until the brussels sprouts.

bearydiane said...

I love, love, love that he brings Teddy with him!!! So cute!!!

Abby said...

ha. I like your mom's comment. Where is the like button? How do you cook your brussel sprouts...mine haven't ever been highly successful?

I just read a book that made me think of you. It's very short and simple. (like you! haha) It's called Heartbeat by Sharon Creech. I'd love to hear what you think of it.

By the way I miss you!

melissa said...

yesss, short jokes are the best coming from short people.