29 December 2012

a christmas present to our house, but actually to me, and actually to everyone here!

 I have spoken of the joys of home-ification before. But it is hard to do! These design blogs and before & afters I see make it seem like a lickety split thing. You have style: you reflect it in your house. But I am not good at it.
 It took me over two years to realize that what we really needed in our living room were bookshelves on the fireplace wall. I (for once) really thought it through before taking any action, and I concluded it was perfect.
 So of course Nate made them on his day off. One day of labor, one night of painting, one morning of wrangling and hanging, a few minutes of arranging and voila! Voila, I feel much more welcome in my own living room.

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julis said...

Oh I like! Good job everyone!