31 December 2012

black, the color of my pants

Nate's favorite lyrics from Les Miserables didn't even make the cut into the film. Other than that one gross error, we thought it was awesome. Of course I cried for the first thirty minutes or so. (Note: Anne Hathaway is really not my favorite actor, but she was so good, right? Jocelyn would have loved her in it.)
We also saw The Hobbit last week. Two movies in one week, thanks to our parents. 
Who do we think we are, teenagers?

But today has been pretty grown up so far. Nate's back at work, I took away all of Calv's new cars when he threw them, did some laundry, complained about the weather, checked out the budget and looked up a quiche recipe for tomorrow's Noon Year's party.

See ya next year.

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melissa said...

What are Nate's favorite lyrics?