07 December 2012

i'm feeling christmassy early this year (don't worry we don't have our tree yet or anything crazy)

We do have the outside lights up and two wreaths though. Also I've rearranged the living room to make room for the tree. So I'm feeling pretty festive.
from a few weeks ago when it snowed

I am way pumped for tomorrow because we are going to a Christmas concert in the classy old theater in Logan. I happen to love that theater and live orchestral Christmas music. In honor of this situation I will list three of my favorite underrated Christmas songs.

2. Let It Snow (It's the sweet, non-creepy version of Baby, It's Cold Outside--which, by the way, is not that cute. If that's your boyfriend, I'm telling you, get out.)


julis said...

I like your observation about #2. You are correct, although i never really thought about it before! I agree with Silver Bells. I don't know about #3. I'll try to nominate another underrated song for your consideration.

B said...

that is a wonderful picture and I agree those are three great songs.