28 December 2012

regarding the holiday recently passed

 Weeks ago, we made the perennial gingerbread houses and Calvin and I ate way too much candy whilst doing so and regretted it.
 Nate and I carved out of wood/sewed out of fabric nearly all of our presents to other people, purely by chance. For each other, we stuck to the internet and stores.
 We got a screamin deal on a Christmas tree that all agree was The Best One Ever and fragrant as can be.
 Calvin loved Santa when he finally met him! Because it was Grandpa Ted!
 Tim (in the sweater) was happy to relinquish his gift distribution job (as the youngest able-bodied family member) for Calvin, who obviously loved it.
 He also really liked his cousins' presents.
 And his own "Scout Cars," of which the cousins got a few too.
And my wonderful mother gave me the desire of my heart. The coziest nightgown this side of 1905.

And I messed with my post formatting and now it looks crazy. Let's just call it old school.

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B said...

I love Christmas and that nightgown