13 December 2012

yesterday and being insecure

Calvin had his first official "play date," or at least the first one we called by that name.

It was pretty much just like every other time a baby steals toys from him: he just stands there looking stunned for a minute before the other mom intervenes. Sometimes he yells, "NO!" but in a really confused way. 

As always, the other kid had tons of toys and Calvin was in awe. As always, I sort of sheepishly explain that he doesn't know who Buzz Lightyear is or even the Cars Red Car Guy (even though he loves playing with automobiles of all kinds). When I'm not around other moms and kids I don't think it's weird that he doesn't know this stuff. He's only 2; we don't need kid's movies. I feel like people think I'm really extreme, but I don't think it would make matters better to explain that he does watch Coraline (the only cartoon we own) and Sesame Street. Basically any time I talk to a mom in person I realize that I'm insecure about my parenting choices, especially the ones I haven't thought much about, even though they are completely logical and I know I would still make them if I did think much about them. 

Bonus parenting choice of the day: Giving him a cookie at 5:00. Good idea/bad idea? Your thoughts?

ps Look how happy he is despite wearing socks, gloves, a hat AND a jacket all at once!


Rachel said...

Hey Melissa, I think your parenting choices are good ones. Sometimes I feel the same way.

Catherine said...

I really like your sort of minimalist style of parenting (at least that's what I'd call it). I'll even (somewhat sheepishly) admit that I actually strive to emulate it! And honestly, Nikolai prefers to play with kitchen spoons and my cell phone than any toy I've ever bought him, so I don't think he minds he doesn't have lots of toys either. So carry on, you mama, you're doing a good job!

Britt said...

A cookie at 5!