08 January 2013

a few months ago i took calvin to idaho for a few days and nate was out of town

My neighbor Kelli called me to make sure everything was ok because our house looked all closed up.
I liked that.
Reasons I liked that:
It looks like people live here.
Kelli cared if we were ok.
And she noticed our house looks like people live here.

I have a resolution for some of my other neighbors to consider: Make your houses look like someone lives there. Open your curtains. Go outside. Turn on your porch light at night because there aren't any street lamps on our block. 
(Oh, you don't care what I think? Okay whatever I guess.)

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Stephanie said...

This is so interesting to me because we have neighbors upon neighbors upon neighbors and EVERYONE plays their music loud and rides their loud dirtbikes and the kids are everywhere and we all have no choice but to hear it all. hahaha I wish someone would go on vacation! :) I kid, I like these peeps, but really people, sometimes Jonah needs a nap. SHHHHHHH!!!!!