07 January 2013

backwards picture alert + resolution

My grandmother's side of the family is from Denmark. They are Andersens, Hansons and Johnsens.
Nate's grandmother's side of the family is from Denmark. They are Christensens and Jensens.
Those guys all immigrated here and crossed the plains because of our church.

It's really a shame that these family history books (the Andersens made one too) appear to be so boring, because they're actually really cool.
Nate's family is from the northern peninsula (mine is from Copenhagen). 

After some reading,
I wonder if all male pioneer Danes had their intended wife swiped away from them, kind of getting stuck with someone else, or if that is just our families. (In my family it was Death that swiped the girl, and in Nate's family it was a missionary.)
Ostlin Hanson. I think that's my grandma's dad. I feel pretty dumb that I don't know for sure.

Orval Jonsen in Tahiti on a mission. He is probably my grandma's...uncle? grandpa? Dumb me again. I'm really sorry I don't know. I'm going to have to borrow the book next time I go to my parents house.                                                 

I've resolved to be less family-dumb in 2013.


julis said...

Ostlin was indeed Grandma Stricklan's father. (Hanson with an o is Swedish). I'm not sure who Orval Jonsen is (but dad tells me that with an e is the Danish side). Evelyn would know. I think it's interesting that you and Nate have common stock. Dad and I have common stock, too (on the Swedish and Irish sides). Maybe we're all just drawn to ourselves!

melissa said...

thanks, mom. i thought you'd probably give me a clue.

B said...

I love all your resolutions.

B said...

I know my comments here and on instagram are certain lame lately, sorry. I am just not feeling clever but I still want you to know I am reading things and enjoying them