11 January 2013

i've been jabbering about getting chickens for a while but never really doing it

And look what Nate got me for Christmas, even when I thought he didn't!

I still can't commit though. 
I kind of feel like I'm making a bigger deal out of the decision than I should, but most of my concerns are monetary. Fixing up our coop to make it habitable, filling and changing the bedding, making roosts and a run, food (aka feed) (fancy farm term), etc. Also I'm lazy (not a monetary concern, just a fact).

Pro/Con list has not been helpful.  
Other factors: I kind of want blue/green eggs, but the breeds who make those aren't the hardiest (and we need hardy). I haven't yet checked to make sure I can have fowl in my neighborhood (but I'm 98% sure I can). 

What's a lazy girl to do? 
(Answer: post about it on the internet instead of making any real progress.)


Catherine said...

I know you're not really asking for help but if you need any extra manpower (cleaning out the coop, building stuff, etc) I can volunteer a certain brother of yours to come up and help sometime! (besides, we'd love an excuse to come up there!) But either way, good luck with your endeavors :)

Britt said...

If you're looking for an excuse (although i suspect you might not believe it very much) to continue your hesitation, I can tell you about some bacterial infections that people get from chickens that involve very severe diarrhea.

Nate said...

diarrhea almost killed me once.