16 January 2013

the secret move of the wrong trousers

 I bought a second pair of leggings and with that somehow decided never to get dressed again. I went to the post office with them on twice today.
 Oh, so I went to the post office twice because I mailed the wrong dress to a lady in France. 
That was pretty dumb.

We are playing in the kitchen in my soon-to-be-maxi dress,
and Calvin's not wearing trousers at all!

Ps I'm selling Nate's grandparents' vintage clothes online and I'm kind of shy about it because I don't take nice pictures and I feel bad about that, mostly because I don't even try very hard. Some people say if you can't do something right, don't do it at all, but I'm just trying to make a little cash for Gramps and Grammy (they get all the $$) and it's going moderately well so I think in this case trying a tiny bit is better than not trying at all. The shop is called Clarks, but I'm called mariemo which is how you find it. If there's anything there you like, I'm all for the friends and family discount. Just let me know.

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Britt said...

I like your hair