07 February 2013

after the manner of a poet

Oh! The Glory
of the sky of purest blue 
to chasten the wintry greys,
Oh! The day that follows misery and grief
is kinder, 
and lifts the heart more than any gift of gold,
Oh! This poem is made up,
but I spent ten hours on the couch yesterday,
which is an unbelievable fact for me,
and I wasn't even bored,
because the insistent misery never left my side.
Oh! The cruelty of the miracle of life,
and the joy that it is fickle instead of constant misery.

My family, my muscles, my kitchen counters, my living room floors, and bathroom floors, and all other floors, and obviously my belly and my heart thank you, Today, for not being Yesterday. 
I am even listening to ragtime on Pandora, that's how glad we are.

Someone get me a thesaurus; I'm obviously going to need a synonym for misery.


Stephanie said...

Oh! The love I feel for Melissa Marie Martha S. Peterson is not fickle, but strong and constant. Oh! Yep, it's true.

(Translation: this is fantastic, I love you, this made my day.)

julis said...

I always knew you were a poet. You're a good poet, too. But I'm sorry you are so familiar with the floors in your house lately. Sick is not fun, but fortunately doesn't last forever. fortunately.

sheena said...

Oh my gosh I love this.
Come lay on MY couch and be miserable, so I can have my own personal entertainment.