02 February 2013

speaking of love and joy and happiness in the world and the year 2012

The pendulum of how I've been feeling this pregnancy swings far and wide. 
Much farther to the "certain death" side of the swing than I ever remember last time.
But when I feel good, I feel good as gold. Today after I ate some peanut butter toast I went from bad to great, which is fortunate because of the sun. It was out! I couldn't miss that. I strapped on my running shoes and about 12 layers of clothes, grabbed my watch and saw the evidence of my last canyon run of 2012 from mid-December. The good old days (six weeks ago).

I jogged until I found my husband and Calvy baby having fun riding in all-terrain vehicles, doing car maintenance and borrowing Grandpa's tools. In the sunshine! It's funny how cold 30 degrees isn't when the sun is out.

I was so happy and felt so amazing.
I tried not to get down when I thought about how I ran somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000 miles last year and will likely run about 1/10 of that this year.

I can hardly believe it either. 
Maybe it was more like 900--it's hard to know for sure since I didn't always keep track. But either way, that's a lot of miles.

The 2013 results so far:
January = frowny faces
February = hearts


B said...

yes happy February hearts

julis said...

1000 miles! I would walk 500 miles to be at your door, but I don't think I could run 1000. Good for you! And don't worry, 2014 is looking to be a banner year for running mileage.

Abby said...

How do I "like" your mom's comment?

Take the joy when you can, Lady!

Glad you had a good day, and I hope your pregnancy gets better soon!