24 February 2013

today for myself

7:08 / I woke up feeling awake. For once. I hear Calvin chatting in his bedroom with Bobby or Valen or George the Monkey or possibly Jojo or Kicky. I get my contacts and my nausea pill before I get him out of bed and we eat applesauce.

9:50 - Noon / We are five minutes late to Stake Conference because just as we are heading out the door Calvin decides to shed his full diaper and try to go potty by himself. We quickly disinfect the bathroom, praise the day I decided to rip up the carpet, and re-dress him so he looks like an Ivy League college man.  Nate tells Calvin we're going to watch a show on the TV at church. He becomes the Calvin whisperer for two hours, keeping the meltdown count down to like 1.5. I just sit there and let them do their thing.

1:00 / We watch The Snowman Doesn't Talk to bide time until Nap. I tell Nate I want him to rinse his dishes more promptly. Then I make some brownies. When both boys are asleep I work on some personal grooming and find that my red Avon nail polish has attempted to form an eternal bond with my finger- and toenails. They are now a pale hot pink stain. Kind of cool.
2:30 / And then she blogged about it.

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