18 March 2013

the first picnic of 2013

The first picnic of the year:
On a weekday, not too far from home, not too warm, bringing giant stuffed dogs, eating dried papaya and pronouncing it very funnily, "hiking" to the bathroom building, playing with weeds. 
I ate my tuna sandwich and watched him wander.
This is what our family time will look like for the next 15 years, that's what I thought as I watched him throw little rocks at bigger rocks.


julis said...

I'm so glad you got to picnic today. The spring wind has sprung up in Rexburg, and even if I didn't have to go to school to teach the little darlings, a picnic wouldn't be much fun. But maybe if I brought a giant stuffed dog, and dried papaya, and a tuna sandwich . . .

Britt said...

Poor 15 year old calvin.

But, lucky two year old one!