27 March 2013

the palace at 2am

Sometimes I get so hungry I have to get out of bed to eat some toast. Usually I stumble to the bathroom at least once. Always I am having these crazy pregnancy dreams I had previously read about. They are actually pretty harassing. They just shoot at my brain one after the other like scary tennis balls from the tennis ball machine thingy, giving me no time to rest in between. The dreams themselves are generally crazy nonsense, but sometimes are terrifying like that time I was lost on Oahu and couldn't find Stephanie and there were both cops and bad guys chasing me. That was exhausting.


B said...

oh sleeping is my favorite too. And you look so cute.

melissa said...

I feel like even though I am not pregnant anymore I still sleep pregnant . . . waking up to pee a bunch, being hungry, etc.

melissa said...

not so crazy dreams though. :)