20 March 2013

things we have lying around that are too frightening to keep and too frightening to throw away

How do we dispose of you, ancient scary blacksmithing tools?

 Pressure gauges make me nervous because that means there could possibly be too much pressure in there. Pressure that wants to splode.
 And who are you with multiple gauges?! Trying to give me a heart attack? And you're chained to the wall? Just how dangerous are you??
A belt or something and an electrical box? What aaaaaaare you?

But then there's always those purely functional things that Homer used for practical reasons but that nowadays someone hip has exploited, like industrial lighting. Shall we salvage it and put it in the kitchen? (We could always spend $400 on a rustier one!)


B said...

I love industrial lights but I would prefer found in a farm to "antiqued" by a stylist.

I love all of these pictures and love how creepy/cool they are.

melissa said...

Whoa, crazy. I love those things that just sit around making one get worried . . . :)