24 April 2013

appo appo appo appo

Rumor has it that as a child I would carry around gross old apples, munching them long past their sanitary lifespans, screaming "Appo appo appo" if my parents tried to save me from them. 

Calvin just prays with them in a very The Virgin Mary-like fashion I guess, and takes them on hikes, never breaking his appleface mouth positioning.


Britt said...


(I know, my comments are really worthwhile.)

melissa said...

nah, i'm in this for the hahahahas. keep them coming.

Stephanie said...

This reminds me of the Ambeast who has eaten an apple every day of his table food eating life.

In fact I really, really wish I could somehow find out if in fact he has ever skipped a day... I am sure it has happened. I wonder if I could count those times on my fingers and toes?

Also, Calvin, your cheeks never faileth. I loveth.