06 April 2013

at 2.5

As of Thursday, our little rapscallion is 2.5.
He can't keep both pant legs either in or out of his boots: always one in, one out.
He says he LOVES all kinds of nice things, such as his dad and me and rocks and juice and pretty much anything that's mildly pleasurable.
He yells and scolds his toys and trike when they do rude things like obey the laws of physics instead of doing exactly what he wants them to do.
He likes to tell whoever he sees what he's doing at the moment. "We're buying paint!" to the paint salesman; "I'm swinging. I'm going so slow!" to me.
He has an insane memory, and everything he's ever done happened yesterday. "Yesterday I rode in Grandpa's razer in the circus...I mean the field" (eight months ago).
He loves dried cranberries the most. He likes to help me cook, or at least mix things. Sometimes he eats more than I do and sometimes he won't eat a thing for days. Same with naps: they're either three crazy hours long or nada. 
He sings. Away in a Manger, I Am a Chum of God, Coconut Grove is a Very Small Cove.
He's also super funny, and I know he's only two, but he is. Always has been.

ps Don't worry about my hair being as brown as a mountain. Just give our sun a few weeks to do her magic.


Britt said...

i can't even tell you are pregnant in that photo

melissa said...

yeah, weird.