17 April 2013

he said she said

He said: I'm going to read about arbitration.
Me said: Sounds boring, good idea.

Me said: Did you know I have like three extra pounds worth of blood in my body while I'm pregnant?
He said: Sounds gross. I don't want to talk about that.

Our fifth anniversary is coming right up, and to celebrate this year, Nate is going to take a giant certification test that he's been taking a prep class and studying for since February. I think it's a purrrrfect way to celebrate because then we will get our evenings back. However, I can't help but miss last year's trip to Zion and will therefore post a zillion pictures of it that you may have already seen. Ok, some more:


B said...

that blood fact is totally interesting. Zion looks like a good time.

melissa said...

thank you, bitty, i think it's interesting too.

we should go to zion together. it would be fun.

Nate said...

why does it look like i have a lazy eye in that one picture?