01 April 2013

no faking (or should i say fooling) (yes i should)

 I hardly blogged this winter because in a lot of ways I'm like a two year old. There's the grumpy when hungry/tired aspect, but there's also the inability to hide my feelings. Like, at all. So in an effort not to bring my blog into a sad blue fog I hardly said anything this (stupid) winter.

 It rained a spring rain this weekend. Our necks all got sunburned. We fished, legally. I ran 3.4 miles in the most perfect spring weather and felt really comfortable. I wore a very very bright vintage skirt to Easter church. My little Calvy found a dozen plastic eggs in the living room, pingponging around the room until he found them all. We had a full Easter with extended family and food and sunshine. We watched two Clint Eastwood westerns. I accidentally felt really sick for a while, but other than that little mishap we had a perfect weekend.

Topped off with a Davy Crockett hat.


B said...

I love that skirt and didn't enjoy the winter either. I am happy it is Spring and happy when you blog.

melissa said...

thanks bitty, i like it when you comment.