19 April 2013

our older brother set out for a great adventure

I don't know if he gets it.
Does he get it?
I asked him often, "Is the baby in my tummy a brother or a sister?"
He would usually say sister, unless someone else was listening, in which case it was usually a brother.
He talked about the little girl baby coming to sleep in the tiny toy cradle at our house.
He said he would share his animals and help her put on her pajamas.

Nate was sure it was a girl.
My dad was sure it was a girl.
(He was also sure Calvin was a girl.)
I had two dreams that it was a boy.

But of course it's a girl.
(And my due date is a bit hazy... it's a little tiny girl)


julis said...

Hip Hip! He will be a great big brother (just as soon as he learns not to tease her, which he probably won't do until she's 2 or so). I can't wait to meet her!

Jess Stricklan said...


Stephanie said...

This is so great! Ahhhh the sewing options are unlimited! I'm so excited to see you with a girl!

melissa said...

yeah steph, it's so weird to not try to ignore every single baby girl sewing tutorial i see! i have an automatic reflex to disregard them so i'm going to have to retrain myself.

Zachary and Elizabeth Carr said...

Boy Howdy! Or should I say Girl Howdy! That's some fine news. Congratulations!
p.s. I'm jealous of your soon to be free nights. Zach has just begun his days of studying like a study-holic. Congratulations on husband at home again!

Veronica said...

hooray! congratulations! that's great!