29 April 2013

preparation included rigging up the bikes, testing out the new backpack, bringing pretzels

Destination: Guinivah-Malibu Campground and its accompanying 100-year-old amphitheater.

I have it on good authority that

"During the 1920s and 30s, many Logan families loaded up their Model-T Fords and escaped the daily grind by heading for Guinivah-Malibu's soothing landscape of willows, big-tooth maples, and grassy meadows. A stranger would think that Cache Valley had moved to the mountains!"

I am a little obsessed with the notion of packing up for the summer and living in a canyon so that snippet convinced me to take our Saturday Adventure to Guinivah-Malibu, despite that incomprehensible name.

And with very little notice and unprepared footwear, a couple of uncles, an aunt and a cousin came along. Perfecto.

 Posed or candid? You decide.
Posed or candid? You decide.

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