28 May 2013

double take double go

we do.
Our freetime adventuring looks a little like this so 
hold on to your hats:
We pack some sandwiches and cookies, plus an apple and our favorite Victorinox paring knife for sharing.
We drive up one of the canyons.
We walk for a while, then we sit down.
We eat, 
Then we walk back down, and sometimes carry a 2.75 year old who walked through a trickling stream but then didn't like having wet feet. 
We go home, nap him toute suite
and repeat.

ABOVE is Birch Canyon,
BELOW is (most likely) Dry Canyon in the Mount Naomi Wilderness Area.

Entry to both of which is located within our city limits! 
We don't even have to go through Logan to get there.
The crack in our windshield obscures the view only slightly.
Sometimes there's nowhere really to picnic off the trail so we just sit on it.
Simple as that.

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Timothy said...

Hiking all the time! Why don't I?!