10 May 2013

i'm assuming the saturdays will have to end sometime--but not today

 We got ice cream. We've gone to the park like ten times this week.
 I took a day off and hiked with my brother and not his girlfriend because she was in Texas.
Nate took a day off to make my day more fun and easy.
(PS hike Stewart Falls sometime. Or like ten times. It's favorite.)

Just like in Mexico, Tim said. Complete with grapefruit Jarritos.
Abby was so good at her show.  I only liked one other essay almost as much as hers, but not because they all stank (hers was just really good) (funny but also sweet and also inspiring). It was a good show all around.
He is making some serious fake-Saturday progress! Gardens! Someday!
I look and feel so awkward these days. This pregnancy has really differentiated its trimesters, and #2 is so so kind compared to her evil sister #1. I love you #2 in your awkward glory! 

PS what should we name our daughter?


julis said...

Dad says Danielle. or Gabrielle. He's apparently in a French mood. I was always going to name the next daughter after you Kelly. That's quite a different sounding name than Dad's frenchy names. I also like Sophie, Callie, and Eleanor. Juli, Jocelyn, and Melissa are also swell names, if somewhat in use presently. :-) I'll pass on more as they occur to me.

Abby said...

You might feel awkward but you do not look awkward at all. Nattalie was telling me how happy she was to see you and then said you had the cutest little pregnant belly ever, and that you made being pregnant look good. So that is two witnesses that you are looking good.

Saturdays Rock.

I am no help with baby girl names...She'll be such a doll any name would look good on her.

Timothy said...

Call her Grace Kelly P. Also great hike! and great tacos! a great late reading of posts!