16 May 2013


1. This is my dad's whole family
2. My grandma is standing up
3. My aunt Evelyn is wearing the coolest red and black lightning shirt 
4. My grandpa has a lot of hair, a trait which was passed down to no one
5. Willow tree

Do you ever wish you knew your family when they were younger? I do.
I remember my grandma, of course, because she lived with us for like...several...years. I remember her house, too. It smelled cool when it was hot outside, and she had a screened-in side porch with a tin roof, so when it rained it sounded awesome. Reader's Digest and coloring books and those stickers that go around holes in 3-hole-punched paper. When we were really little she used to read to us on her lap and let us play with her necklaces. Many of which I wore throughout college. 

At least once my grandpa took Jocelyn and I to the "cuffay" to get hot chocolate and I was mortally afraid of sitting in his chair in the living room. I knew he was kidding when he called us boys when--duh--we were obviously girls. He died when I was about eight. I think my dad looks like him, without the snowy locks of hair.

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julis said...

Oh I like all of those pictures! Isn't it funny that grandpa passed down his luscious locks to no one? Ornery man. You sure were a cute baby. Jocelyn was a cute toddler. Dad was a cute young man. We're all so cuuuuute!