05 May 2013

you find the corner piece first

I just about cried when he called me to say his test was over and (of course) he passed. I was in the driver's seat, on my way to retrieve him.
Then we started our celebration adventure, which consisted of eating large quantities of food (beginning in a covered wagon), then immediately doing something physically active, then resting or sleeping. Repeated many times.
We both felt the wonderful absence of anxiety.
We had fun.
We laughed a lot.
We played schoolyard sports like 12 year olds.
I felt happy--and cute.
And even when I saw the photographic proof to the contrary, I just laughed at looking so awkward when I felt so good. 


Catherine said...

Fear not! You just so happen to be the cutest pregnant person I know! And congrats to Nate for passing and to your whole family for getting to be (more) stress free :-)

Abby said...

Yes. Agreed. I'm with Catherine.

So glad Nate passed and you had a relaxing anniversary trip.

I loved seeing you!

P.S. it is a weeping cherry tree. and You didn't even ask about me having two microwaves on my counter. :)

julis said...

I was going to ask, but I didn't want to intrude. . . so I'm super glad to know. And of course he passed. He's awesome!