18 June 2013

it is true (i hope)

You will look like a mean mother if you drag your child kicking and screaming (and hitting and scratching your face) away from the park two minutes after you arrive because in those two minutes he threw dirt in your face three times and you reminded him each time that if we throw dirt at people, we leave the park---BUT you're actually being a good mom. (Even if he kicks and pounds doors and walls and seriously looses it for twenty minutes when you get home and your windows are all open and your neighbors are all outside and when you try to calm him with a bath he goes ballistic for another ten minutes or so?)

Alternate title: Even the Loveliest of Children Will Try To Scratch Your Eyes Out Sometimes
And then after an early bedtime the mother looks like this.


Anne Left. Lisa Right said...

gosh. i know this feeling. glad to know i'm not the only one with a normal child. people (i mean mothers) should fess up to this (i mean the hard parts of parenthood) more often. i think it would help everyone feel a little bit more....ok.

Britt said...


julis said...

don't be sad, Mo. You did the right thing. You're a good mom (I should know). xxoo