05 June 2013

one way to turn 28

 Nate's birthday was this weekend and...I just lost my train of thought because Calvin is making me smooch all of his trucks as I type this because they're "upset"...Hold on. Ok, I'm done. (I think?) Resume post.

Well, Nate finally got what he wanted for his birthday. A confetti cake. For five years I have said, "No, Ew,  I am not making you a cake from a box," but I figured it wouldn't kill me this year so I did it. It took like six seconds to make! It was weird. Nate loved it and I did not. His birthday, not mine.

And it only gets better! He also nailed some sheets to our barn and directed a projected Meet the Robinsons at it, borrowed an old couch from work and we sat under the stars (and blankets) and were amazed. We are doing it again and you are invited.

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Abby said...

Ha. Nate loves confetti cake, huh! That is funny; and you are a good wife for making it for him.

Outdoor movies are the best.

I like Calvin's vocabulary.