18 June 2013

social groups that begin with hip: get into my life

Lately I've been wondering where all the hippies are in my life. I was under the impression that Cache Valley had more hippies than my last valley, but the only ones I know of here are old (no offence, old hippies, but I meant young hippies). So, guys, why are you hiding from me? I could use some extra granola these days.

Also, I know there are probably college hipsters that go to school at USU, but where are all the grown-up hipsters around here? I haven't seen a single one in my town!* Well, I'll tell you where they hide. They're having brunch at Herm's, and by gum I don't blame them; it's got some seriously good food. (That sounds so lame: "seriously good food." But I mean it, the food there is so good! How can I express that better?)
*Except a girl/lady/whatever with thick rimmed glasses just moved down the block from me, so maybe she's a hipster. I"ll just hang out at Herm's every morning and see if she's there to confirm.

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