11 June 2013

things on the patio

ONE: food
patio dinner at 4pm, because we were hungry and we're in charge here

TWO: trees
Last week I made a list of all of the trees I could see from my view on the back patio. Isn't it funny how in books either the characters or the narrators always know the names of all the flora in their area? Also the mountains and rivers? Who really knows all of that besides my dad though? I know a little bit, and I always wish I knew more, so I tested myself. I got the easy trees: apple (you know, those ones who grow big yummy green or red fruit), maple, poplar, aspen. But then there were those really big ones that I guess aren't cottonwoods because of the lack of cotton, and the "pine" trees, and that red one.

Two nights ago I told Nate about that and we discovered another reason the internet is awesome. The big ones are Ash and now I can also identify a Boxelder if need be. Also, Nate ran next door to get a sample of the the piney one; it is a Blue Spruce (probably).

And then yesterday as I was reading my latest, chapter two was called "Mormon Trees," and it told about how those Mormon settlers always planted an orderly line of poplars, marking the waterways and pointing to heaven. And it's true! I love seeing poplar stands out in the middle of nowhere because I know some old timer planted them before he started tilling his fields. I felt so proud of those guys. And of Mr. Stegner for knowing every tree and mountain range within Mormon Country.

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julis said...

Oh yeah, poplars. They look like cottonwoods. Also, not all cottonwoods have cotton. And blue spruce is basically a weed tree, if you ask your dad. They grow everywhere.

I'm proud of you for learning and figuring these things out. And glad you got Mormon Country.