25 June 2013

you're a bad aphid charlie brown

Dear Aphids,
I have recently learned that you are responsible for all of that gross sticky stuff that's been covering our steps and sidewalk under the Grand Maple. Are you also responsible for all of that weird maple junk that's been littering our property since the spring bloom? It's weird and incessant.


Dear Melissa,
You stink at plants. I know you watered us once a week like they said to, but we are dead as doornails so you messed something up somewhere.
Two ivy plants who were supposed to be very hardy

And finally, because I can't stick to one subject:

Dear Calvin's hairs,
I'm surprised that I miss you. A dad-cut summerbuzz is probably the right thing to do, but that cuckoo long hair you used to be was so endearing. See you later I guess.
ps Calvin's still cute.


Abby said...

I stink at plants too.

I'm sure Calvin is still cute with a buzz. They always look older with their head shorn.

I mourned for Heb's hair the first time we buzzed it. It was like soft down...

I love that pic of your boys in matching stripey shirts.

Catherine said...

Dear Melissa,

I have a black thumb too!
Let's start a support group.

Love, catherine

melissa said...

ab--yeah, i think he turned 6 when we cut all the hair off!