17 July 2013

32 weeks, no makeup

Update: I look bigger in real life than in this photo, but I'm not feeling frighteningly enormous yet.
I do feel too enormous to ride my bike, though, which is a huge disappointment to a certain boy.
Also I hate bending over, which means I don't want to play Koob at cookouts. Or clean up the floor.
I'm going on a plane ride one month from today, isn't that daring?
Because Tim's getting married in Washington DC, where I've never been before.
It's going to be hot, don't tell me.


Abby said...

Cute belly.

I had forgotten about trying to ride a bike while pregnant. It's like peddling in ballet second position.


So excited for Tim and your trip! I want to hear about it!

star said...

DC? Awesome! If you have any free time to fill, let me know! It would be fun to officially meet you my fabulous cyber friend!

Catherine said...

I'm going to say something Jesse tells me all the time--I can't tell you're not wearing makeup! Also, you are most definitely brave for flying next month!

melissa said...

Star, I got your number from Stephanie. I'm going to see what time we have!

(Abby--your 2nd position comment made me laugh.)

B said...

I like DC; things to do are free. Also not surprised you are being brave and flying because you are always brave.

and I like your no make-up, no-nonsense pregnant picture.