08 July 2013

if i've said it once

A puffy seven-month-pregnant woman can always find relief canoeing the Snake River in the peak of summer. 
 True, it is tempting to feel like it's too much bother to drive into town, exchange money for the use of canoes (and life jackets, and paddles, and roof racks, and...).
And true, almost 3-year-olds get antsy and whiny after about an hour of being enclosed and "I love canoes!" suddenly changes to "I want to go home!"

And you forgot sunscreen.
  But all of that matters much less than when
Dads pull out canoe-related knock-knock jokes and toddlers pretend to drive,
And the storm clouds are gorgeous and never quite drop on you
and you have plenty of snacks,
And eagles, ospreys, herons, turtles and thrilling/terrifying moose are on your trail.
And you are so relieved you went.


Catherine said...

Melissa, this blog post is poetry! You are an excellent writer and you make me jealous we are too far to have come too.

melissa said...

i agree with one thing, it would have been awesome if you could come. next year we'll do it again ok?