19 July 2013

questions of science and progress

A brother called tiny Tim is eating some kind of radioactive spider today which is going to heal his thyroid (or perhaps kill it completely). But don't go near him for a few days because there's no telling what he will do! (Glow? Climb walls? Watch tv?)

Half of our living room is officially not turquoise anymore! The other half will be de-blued later tonight. Big stuff around here. As we pulled staples out of the nice cinnamon-colored finish last night, I wondered if the carpet layers all over the country in the 60s 70s cringed with every staple they applied covering up the nation's prewar wood floors with wooly shag.
"Oh sorry, sorry, (staple, staple) just a couple more (staple staple)--sorry."
What is up with that?


B said...

I want to know more about this spider treatment.

Also those floors are in great condition. We are pulling up carpet today to get a better look at our wood floor situation.

Timothy said...

I am all healed by the way. Well my thyroid is slowly dying, but that will lead to healing. . .well no it will be permanently dead, but then I can take thyroid supplement for the rest of my life!. . . . .