03 July 2013

she's so lucky

I've been so lucky to know these cool smart beautiful girls for twenty stinking years.
Unlucky: neither of them live next door to me.
Lucky: they actually came to my house yesterday.
Unlucky: 100 degrees, no air conditioner.
Lucky: 8-year-olds are so good at taking pictures!

But wait, there's more:
Lucky: It is some miracle that I even met Becca and Bitty.
Lucky: THEY came to my house last weekend, too! What are the odds!
Unlucky: none of us have 8-year-olds so our pictures aren't great, neither of them live next door, Stephanie has never been here, again with the 100 degrees and no A/C.
Lucky: Bitty left her delicious local ice cream in my freezer.


Abby said...

HA...Not sure if I'm sneezing or laughing in that picture...When did that picture even happen?

So good to see you!

julis said...

8 year olds?! How is that even possible? Those two look almost exactly the same as they did when you'd spend all day walking between their houses and ours in American Fork. sigh. I love them, because they love you and have taken care of you all these years. Same with Becca & Bitty (they have't been at it as long, but my gratitude is the same) Lucky one and all!

B said...

it was so fun to get together. We are pretty lucky friends. I sure like you guys.

Carrie said...

AHHH sorry for the delayed response! I loved loved loved loved getting to come see your corner of the world. It totally freaks me out that I am the one with the 8 year old. Somehow that never really sunk in until seeing up there on your blog.

Love you both till the end of time. Let's keep getting together forever.