24 July 2013

toe tapping happenstance

When the temperatures were frigid, a certain little boy was known to say I can't wait for summer so we can go camping. And he was not the only one. When summer approached, we told him we had made plans to camp in July! July camp! He cried.
July camp time came and due to circumstances and happenstance, July camp happened in our backyard.
When we locked him in the tent to sleep, he yelled such nonsense as I have to go potty! and Is breakfast ready yet! for hours. But once he fell asleep, breakfast time eventually did come with a dutch oven french toast meal of a lifetime. Excellent work, the dad.

Everyone is looking forward to July camp 2014, even baby sister.

1 comment:

Timothy said...

what the french toast in a dutch oven??!?! Have you ever made lasagna in your crock pot? that is yummy too.