05 August 2013

a report of good sunday

It started off wonderfully, when I looked at the clock that said 8:40 and I gasped, "Is this true?!" 
Nate said it was! 
I haven't slept that long for fourscore and seven years.
So I didn't even mind losing my punctuality for it.
When we got home from church at noon o'clock, we were welcomed through our back door by a pleasant scent and cool air. Cool air?! It was amazing. Maybe it's because we didn't bother to open the curtains this morning, I said. Maybe it's because of the new baseboards, Nate said!
And after the wee one was snoozing/playing with his stuffed animal friends in bed and we began our regular ambulatory observations of the property, we noticed many pumpkins turning into pumpkins! And some cantaloupe doing cantaloupe things. And our garden beds have been overrun by them. It is a thing of glory.
Also, I didn't feel like a rag doll, which I often do these days (especially on my blasted birthday last week--ewww). Good.

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