19 August 2013

and yes of course i told you about this

Nate had a windows phone for about six minutes, during which Norah was born. The photos were held captive but they've been released. Here are about a million.


 Nate was keeping a log of what happened and when, and at sometime o'clock he wrote "Melissa realizes her hair looks crazy."
 Calvin touches toes several days later.

Last Sunday they UV-ed away her bilirubin.

And now she's as big as an elephant.


Jenni said...

You had your beautiful baby!! So happy for you. Congratulations to you guys. :)

Annalee Taylor said...

Congrats Mamma!! I love her and her Name!!! Obsessed!! Your other little monkey is pretty great to.
Ok. Next time your up this way promise you will call me, or Facebook me, or stalk me so we can get together, if only for a few hours!! I miss your face.

melissa said...

annalee, i'm looking forward to it already.

Carrie said...

An elephant indeed. Look at those little froggy legs.

I wish I were closer cause I'd whip up a new batch of homemade ice cream for you to try every day when you came back home from the hospital. It's not much but it's pretty much all I can do.

melissa said...

Calvin is so cute, soooo cute. And Norah, of course, is beautiful too, but I just wanted to let Calvin know in case he forgot, since Norah's the new kid, and new kids always get all the attention. ;)

Stephanie said...

I love the Calvy carseat picture- what was he pondering there? I love the baby and her elephant.