14 August 2013

it's a blessing and curse

Every single NICU nurse who has kids that we've had for Norah has had a baby spend time in the NICU. They call it the NICU Nurse Curse.
Did you know there are actually good things about having your baby in the NICU? Neither did I. But here are five:
1. While I was still at the hospital too I got a lot of sleep (sadly that part is over since I no longer sleep between each feeding/pumping session).
2. The nurses all know what it's like to be a mom, and they're all amazing.
3. Someone else changes the diapers 90% of the time.
4. I am not always the final authority. When I had Calvin (and even now) I kept waiting for someone to tell me what to do because I have no idea. In there, they still ask me about everything, but they really know what they're doing.
5. Snacks. Drinks. Such service. They bring me a huge cup of ice water every time.
My smiley husband keeps complimenting me on my cheerfulness, but look who's talking. 


Abby said...

Viv spent 3 days in the Nicu. I agree with you on #1! It was GREAT! No one came to visit me because they couldn't see the baby. I slept, ate, fed the baby and repeated!

We had AWESOME nurses too, even one rogue nurse who stuffed my pockets with snacks and found me a bed in the Pediatric unit after I had been released so I could still feed her through the night after I had been released.

Sounds like Norah is doing well? and I'm glad you are both so cheerful!

Abby said...

I guess the "after I had been released" part was important to that little story! haha

Carrie said...

Oh nicu. Norah! Get outta there! Home is much lovelier. I hope she makes speedy progress and comes home soon. I hated leaving the hospital without banks in my arms. :(

Carrie said...

Oh and our favorite nicu nurse's name was Constance. Isn't that the greatest nurse name?

Britt said...

Nicu Norah, you look so much tinier when there is an adult in the photo with you! We all want you to eat a lot so we can meet you and hold you and teach you how to do stuff, like hold your head up and stick out your tongue. Melissa, please pass this along to her.

melissa said...

britt, calvin wants to teach her more advanced things like bike riding and camping. you're aiming low.