16 August 2013

the ebb

Whatever cheer I alluded to in the previous post is definitely on the ebb.

I went through Calvin's old clothes, and there is an enormous amount that will work for baby sister, almost everything except the million pairs of brown knit pants. So Strong Baby will have clothes after all, when she finally joins us.
So that's good.

Also good is that Delta refunded my non-refundable plane ticket to Timb's wedding.
(Obviously, bad part of that is that I'm not going to Timb's wedding. See ya when you're married, bro.)

Anyway, last night I was driving home from the 7:00 feeding with the crazy red sun sinking in the smoke-enhanced sky--blue, purple, red, orange. I had my window down and my fingers out, and the wind was already cool after a hot hot day. It was working its way under my fingernails, and as weird as that sounds it was really agreeable. I love August, and I'm glad to share it with my girl. When she comes home.

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melissa said...

I think my comment just got lost in the void, so I'll try again --

Sorry about the ebbbb. It always comes, doesn't it? I know I don't understand quite what you are going through, but I know a little about that.

You guys are amazing and will make it through. It is so nice to think of Norah being able to come out and see all you want to share with her. You are such a beautiful family. We love you!