26 August 2013

up the canyon

Calv and I had a small adventure last week
snacks on a picnic table
a walk up a treed hill
a walk down a little road

I was probably too adventurous otherwise:
stripping paint
taking apart a daybed
...and carrying it and a trundle and a mattress upstairs to a buyer's car
going to the hospital 3 times a day

I think I have myself to blame for the mastitis.
And some hard working antibiotics for no more mastitis. They got right down to it.
I have never taken antibiotics before. 
This baby arrival has given me all kinds of firsts, especially for a second.


melissa said...

Sorry about the mastitis, shudder, bad memories. You might want to pick up some probiotics at the grocery store and take them to avoid the yeast monster descending upon you, after birth your body is more vulnerable to it anyway. They come in powder to mix with a drink or just in a capsule form.

Stephanie said...

NEVER taken antibiotics before? Like ever? Wow. I have a whole infancy, childhood, teendom, and now adulthood full of them. I will probably die some horrific death because of it and I applaud you! AMAZING. Mastitis- ugh. I hate that. I have had it left and right this time around and it sucks. In other news, you are amazing and I am glad you and Calv had adventures and got happy!